My daily job is of a Business Architect
For me this is not a game, but involves a Game Changer MINDSET
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Featured in Forbes, Financial Times, Medium and America's Best Business Coaches

Meet Andrei

I was born on October 31st, 1985 in a family of entrepreneurs,
being brought up in the spirit of an
aristocratic, harsh education.

My family and I

International experience

My motivation

I have enriched my theoretical and practical knowledge over years spent on three continents;
I have specialized in business management in world-renowned educational institutions:Queen Margaret University UK, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland, IMC Fachhochschule Austria, Cambridge University, University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany.

I was invited to participate in the advisory councils of prestigious faculties in Romania, to attend educational curricula and to deliver seminars on various topics such as: Business Development | Marketing | Professional Branding | Personal Branding | Public Speaking | Persuasive Communication with Clients | Time & Stress Management Skills | Entrepreneurship |Networking and Strategic Relationships | Travel & Medical Tourism

In present I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Nacea & Partners, a Partner at Forbes Ignite and the co-founder and Executive Director of I.B.L.A.-International Business Lawyer Accelawrator.

I am also volunteering as Strategic Advisor to Givelight Foundation based in Silicon Valley, a foundation dedicated to building homes and a better future to orphan children around the world.


I was selected "Top 3 Speakers at Forbes Summer School" and I was nominated for "Forbes 30 under 30" 2015 edition for professional achievements. I was also honored and privileged to be invited to Forbes 30 under 30 Summit in Boston, USA.

So far I have delivered business coaching and training at: AMBER STUDIO, HTMi Switzerland, Swisstouches Switzerland, PORSCHE, DEUTSCHE BANK, GENPACT, ORANGE, BANCPOST, BRD, PHILIP MORRIS, JTI.

Why Me

Summary of key projects, achievements and a
short professional evolution


by age 35

  • Co-founder and Executive Director of I.BL.A. - a Complete Business, LegalTech & Personal Development ACCELAWRATOR for Top Business Lawyers and Law Firms
  • Selected among 30’000 business coaches and nominated in America’s Best Business Coaches 2020 Edition
  • Named Partner at Forbes Ignite based in New York and appointed Strategic Advisor to Givelight Foundation based in Silicon Valley
  • Was offered the title of Associate Professor of Marketing in Business at Romanian-American University
  • Ambassador of Hospitality Management Academy
  • Keynote Speaker at Romanian Academy

by age 30

  • Invited at “Forbes under 30 Summit “ in Boston USA and was selected amongst the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs in the world by Forbes USA.
  • Appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine and was nominated in “Forbes 30 under 30 years“
  • Launched the “Center of Excellence in Health and Tourism”, a unique medical tourism project in the world.
  • Invited to deliver the commencement speech at  Romanian - American University graduation ceremony
  • Over ten years experience in Travel and Tourism Projects, Market analysis and feasibility study for business projects in USA, Switzerland, Austria, UAE, Asia, Hungary and Romania.

by age 28

  • Led an international team with a business turnover of more than 30 million euro.
  • Elected by CD ANAT and ECTAA Board as a delegate at Bruxelles for Destination, Incoming Tourism and Sustainability Committee
  • Speaker at international tourism,  business congresses and conferences (Romania, Switzerland, Spain, UK).
  • Selected “Top 3 Speakers“ at Forbes Summer School
  • Anchor in TV Shows in Romania

by age 23

  • Awarded with excellence award by the Luzerner Kantonal Bank in Switzerland for the project and business plan of an ICE Hotel.
  • Launched the 1st medical tourism agency in Romania
  • Brought to Romania the 1st Swiss hotel management brand
  • Developed internationally 2 brands: Seytour Medical Tourism and Seytour Educational Group.
  • Made market analysis for medical tourism businesses in Romania.


Some words of great entrepreneurs and
international business leaders


The most accurate business card I have is
the gained experience.

Business Coaching/Corporate & HR Training for managers, non-managers and entrepreneurs on: Leadership | Change Management | Competitive Management | Customer Relationship Management | Communication Skills | Leaders Mindset

Coaching & Business Consultancy for Entrepreneurs - Tailored Sessions customized by request, following an evaluation.

Trainings/workshops on:

  • Presentation Skills: Tips & Tricks for a Smart Speech | 60 Sec. Pitch- Now or Never | Impact Presentations | Interview- There is no second chance for a 1st impression
  • Business Development: Marketing | Professional & Personal Branding | Networking and Strategic Relationships | Public Speaking | Persuasive communication with clients | Time & Stress Management Skills| Building Business Leaders | Effective Negotiation Skills | Improving satisfaction of your clients | Conflict & Challenge Management
  • Technology deployment in Tourism field | Technology deployment in Legal field

Travel& Hospitality: Traveling on a Low Budget | Travel Etiquette | Business Travel Etiquette | Travel Concierge Service | Marketing in Hospitality

Events Management - Master Of Ceremonies | Keynote Speaker | Motivational/Opening Speech | Moderator

A company needs to find ways of reinventing leadership and employee engagement, as “career” got new meanings now, they need to build strong ecosystems and partnerships.
People will be led not by direction but by orchestration so a convergence working & learning culture must be implemented on a day to day basis.
In the “organization of the future” continuous learning is critical for business success.

Work and passion

International speaker

Vision and impact

I am stubborn and focused on results forgetting to just “enjoy the ride”, but I learned how to turn it into a quality. I am resilient and self-aware, keeping at all times in touch with reality. I look at challenges through different lenses and from different perspectives, I understand context and have a strategic sense of how to put things where they fit both within the organization and in the world. I know how to simplify and cut through the complexity as every process drives speed and accountability. I get results.

I have passion and vision. I think and dream big.

Razvan Andrei Nacea presentation
Razvan Andrei Nacea presentation
Razvan Andrei Nacea presentation
Razvan Andrei Nacea presentation


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